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Agency News January 2020

Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on January 14, 2020

John Scalzi concludes the INTERDEPENDENCY series with THE LAST EMPEROX, out in April from Tor.

We’re thrilled to have sold a Young Adult biography of JANE JACOBS by debut author Rebecca Pitts to Seven Stories Press/Triangle Square. Look out for that great title in Spring 2021.

The team that brought you HONEYBEE (February 2020), Eric Rohmann and Candace Fleming, just sold a similarly stunning POLAR BEAR to Neal Porter Books.

Candace Fleming also sold THE TIDAL POOL to Holiday House, which will be a brilliant lyric picture book.

On the adult end, we’ve sold new Non-Fiction project from John Domagalski–ESCAPE FROM JAVA– to Casemate.

This fall brought a lot of great film and TV development news to the agency. We’ve optioned Kay Kenyon’s DARK TALENTS series.

Shaftesbury in Canada will be developing Marthe Jocelyn’s latest AGGIE MORTON for television.

Melissa Olson’s project DEAD SPOTS, was optioned with Sony and has since been acquired by Quibi.

We’ve been very active selling foreign rights this fall. We signed a major 21 book deal for the Andre Norton Estate with Eskmo in Russia. Additionally, Poland has bought rights to WITCH WORLD.

MAG publishing in Poland will be publishing three titles in THE BOBIVERSE series by Dennis E Taylor.

We’ve sold the first two books in GA Aiken’s SCARRED EARTH series to Piper in Germany.

This fall has also brought sales of THE LAST EMPEROX by John Scalzi to Germany and Hungary.

Agency News October 2019

Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on September 24, 2019

John Scalzi has licensed new work to Netflix’s LOVE DEATH AND ROBOTS. He also has a new collection of short work, A VERY SCALZI CHRISTMAS coming out this December from Subterranean Press and Audible. 

James Cambias has sold a new SF novel to Baen, THE GODEL OPERATION: A STORY OF THE BILLION WORLDS, set in a new univers. 

Ian Douglas will launch a new series titled SOLAR WARDEN with Harper Voyager. It lanches  with ALIEN SECRETS coming out April 1st, 2020. Check out the cover online.

 Mel Odom’s THE MAKAUM WAR series will conclude (for now) with WARLORD, from Harper Voyager in January. 

Ed Willet’s WORLDSHAPERS series will continue, we’ve sold a third book to Daw.

Our own publishing arm has just released Sharon Shinn’s ONYX trilogy, ECHO IN ONYX, ECHO IN EMERALD and ECHO IN AMETHYST.

We’ve also published PIGS, a top new crime novel from Daniel James.

Strong sales have greeted G A AIKEN’S new SCARRED EARTH SERIES with THE BLACKSMITH QUEEN hitting #73 on USA TODAY and landing a coveted spot on Amazon’s Best SF and Fantasy for the month of September.  We’ve licensed two titles in Germany. We’ve also sold a new series to Kensington, THE BLACK MALONES.

MaryJanice Davidson’s new paranormal romance series will launch in February 2020 with Sourcebooks, look for BEARS BEHAVING BADLY.  It’s also coming from Recorded Books.

Margot Hunt will have a new book for the growing audience for her exceptional suspense novels, THE LAST AFFAIR is coming from Harper in November.  She has also sold an original novella to Audible BURIED DEEP, a single seating listen that will stay with you.

We’ve sold a superb work of military history to Casemate on behalf of new client John Falcon, THE FREEDOM SHIELD.  If you want to a front seat to the helicopter war in Vietnam, this is it. John flew 500 missions in the conflict.

More non-fiction from another new client, we’ve sold DIFFICULT to Rowman and Littlefield on behalf of Dr. Judy Smith.  This is a key book for parents helping older struggling children.

In the children’s department we’ve licensed a new title on behalf of the award winning duo of Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann, MINE to Schwartz and Wade.

FATAL THRONE is coming in trade paperback in February 2020, check out the spectacular cover.

If truly magnificent storytelling and artwork appeal to you Fleming and Rohmann’s Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera will be published in February 2020 from Neal Porter Books.

THE BODY UNDER THE PIANO is coming from Marthe Jocelyn via Tundra, and we’ve got a television series option in hand.  This is the first book in the AGGIE MORTON MYSTERY QUEEN series.

Agency News April 2019

Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on April 10, 2019

Two of our clients, John Scalzi and Marko Kloos, were involved in the Netflix SFF Animated Anthology project LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS. Scalzi had three shorts produced and Kloos had two. It’s been a hit with Netflix since it came out on March 15th.


John Scalzi hit the #1 author slot on Amazon on April 9th.

LINES OF DEPARTURE, the second book in Marko Kloos’ popular FRONTLINES series, reached a benchmark of a quarter of a million sales.

WE ARE LEGION: WE ARE BOB is nominated for a Japanese Seiun award.

Shelly Laurenston’s second book in the Honey Badgers Chronicles, IN A BADGER WAY debuted at #30 on the USA TODAY bestseller list. It is one of Amazon’s Best Romances for April 2019.

Audible just launched a three book Audible Original series from SHARON SHINN, UNCOMMON ECHOES. Make sure to check them out in audio before they come out in ebook and paperback from the Ellenberg Agency Later this year.

We’re looking forward to the publication of OUTLAND by hit SFF star DENNIS TAYLOR, out next month from Audible.

Publication of Marko Kloos’ new series PALLADIUM WARS is right around the corner. In July, AFTERSHOCKS will launch, and we are thrilled that George RR Martin has said the following about this title: Kloos has launched a new series that promises to be just as engrossing.  New characters, new worlds, new conflicts, but the writing is just as lean and clean and tight, the action just as exciting, the science just as solid, the tension just as high.   I gulped down the first book in a day, and I am already eager for the next one. Fortunately, Marko Kloos does not write as slowly as I do.


We’re excited about the following sales recently made by the agency:

We’ve licensed the two book Fantasy Romance series from G.A. Aiken to Recorded Booksfor audio.The series will launch with THE BLACKSMITH QUEEN in September from Kensington.

Kensington has bought three new titles from Madeline Baker, an Untitled Paranormal Vampire series.

PW has just announced the sale of LIBRARY’S MOST WANTED, by debut picture book author Carolyn Leiloglou to Pelican Publishing for publication in Spring 2020.


Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on December 20, 2018


MaryJanice Davidson will be launching a new paranormal series with Sourcebooks and Recorded Books in two separate 3 book deals.  The tentative title is FOSTERWERE.  We’ll also be doing an original with Recorded Books, A CONTEMPORARY SMART ASS AT THE COURT OF HENRY VIII.

James Cambias has a new book coming from Baen in January, ARKAD’S WORLD.  Next up from Jim, THE INITIATE, also a Baen book.

Ian Douglas has just delivered his the first book in his exciting new series SOLAR WARDEN to HarperCollins.  The movie option on STAR CARRIER was recently renewed.

Gail Z. Martin has sold a number of new works to Recorded Books and Tantor including her new fantasy series ASSASINS OF LANDRIA.

Tony Peak’s SIGNAL is out from Audible.

John Scalzi’s THE COLLAPSING EMPIRE movie option has been renewed by Working Title pictures in London.  I hope everyone saw that the second book in the Series, THE CONSUMING FIRE made the New York Times hard/ebook bestseller list, a rarity for a science fiction novel.

We’ve sold a 3rd book to Mira on behalf of Margot Hunt which will continue her career in suspense.  Her second book FOR BETTER AND WORSE is out now and it is a Book of the Month club selection.

We’ll be publishing another original Western by Jason Manning, LOBO RILER.

We’ve closed on an offer for SEEKING FREEDOM by new client Selene Castrovilla with Boyds Mill.

We’re very excited to report that the artwork for a new Eric Rohmann picture book is complete, HONEYBEE and it will be coming from Holiday House.  Candace Fleming wrote the manuscript.  The New York Public Library picked Candy’s mixed author anthology FATAL THRONE as one of its best books of 2018.

Tundra will be publishing Marthe Jocelyn’s SAM SORTS as a board book in 2019.


Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on September 20, 2018


I’ve read that most people overestimate their abilities and our creation and publication of Dennis E. Taylor’s BOBIVERSE SIGNED COLLECTOR’S EDITION​ illustrates this quite beautifully.

When Dennis first suggested to me that there was an audience for a hardcover edition I wasn’t skeptical as much as I was wary. Despite my long years in publishing book production was way outside my area of expertise. I knew this would be a challenging project and would involve a substantial outlay of capital. Over a short period of time we decided to give it a go and so the wheels began to turn.

The project quickly went from a hardcover edition to a signed, boxed set, dramatically increasing the costs and the complexity but both Dennis and I felt that if we were going to create something truly special for the hardcore fan, this was it.

I contacted my illustrator designer Matt Forsyth who lives on the Great Barrier Island, a little place off of New Zealand. He’d never done anything like this before. We were all set. Next we began to search for a printer and after spending a day or two reading the quotes we had gotten I realized I was exactly NOT the man for the job. There are so many decisions that go into the production of a hardcover book that you do need expertise. Using my industry contacts I hired Cindy Tiger out of Colorado and she stepped into orchestrate the entire production. With Cindy on board things went
relatively smoothly. We hired a printer. We were waiting for news of the successful printing of the books when we got exciting news—the printer was closing—in 48 hours. I was convinced that all that work and all that money had gone up in smoke but luckily we received a true reprieve. The BOBIVERSE books had actually been printed before the drop dead date and were sitting in the printer’s warehouse. After a hectic 48 hours, the payment of our final bill, the hiring of a new fulfillment house and the shipment of the books, the BOBIVERSE trilogy was sitting sedately in its new home in Michigan.

We weren’t quite done yet. To West Virginia we headed for the printing of the slipcase and when that was done they were shipped to Michigan where the trilogy was assembled and shrink-wrapped.

So here is where we stand today and I’ve mainly written this piece to assure everyone who has bought the signed boxed set that they truly have a unique and high quality item. Only 989 copies of the boxed set exist. We have some extra stock and 11 unassembled boxes so the maximum number of copies of this signed first edition are 1003. We’ve got about 100 signed copies of each of the books but with no more than 11 unassembled boxes we don’t foresee any further books ending up in the a boxed set. 1003 should be the limit.

So that’s it. If you’ve bought a copy of the signed first edition boxed set it’s one of 1,003. If we ever do reprint it, the second edition will be clearly marked second edition. Most importantly, we could not be happier with the final product. The actual box is perfectly produced heavy paperboard with a 360-degree lacquered exterior, and it’s beautiful. The books are case bound and in pristine condition. Dennis has personally signed every single book. For Bobiverse fans it’s the one and only perfect collectible from this great science fiction odyssey and we went on quite a trip of our own to produce and publish it.

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