Agency News April 2019

Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on April 10, 2019

Two of our clients, John Scalzi and Marko Kloos, were involved in the Netflix SFF Animated Anthology project LOVE, DEATH & ROBOTS. Scalzi had three shorts produced and Kloos had two. It’s been a hit with Netflix since it came out on March 15th.


John Scalzi hit the #1 author slot on Amazon on April 9th.

LINES OF DEPARTURE, the second book in Marko Kloos’ popular FRONTLINES series, reached a benchmark of a quarter of a million sales.

WE ARE LEGION: WE ARE BOB is nominated for a Japanese Seiun award.

Shelly Laurenston’s second book in the Honey Badgers Chronicles, IN A BADGER WAY debuted at #30 on the USA TODAY bestseller list. It is one of Amazon’s Best Romances for April 2019.

Audible just launched a three book Audible Original series from SHARON SHINN, UNCOMMON ECHOES. Make sure to check them out in audio before they come out in ebook and paperback from the Ellenberg Agency Later this year.

We’re looking forward to the publication of OUTLAND by hit SFF star DENNIS TAYLOR, out next month from Audible.

Publication of Marko Kloos’ new series PALLADIUM WARS is right around the corner. In July, AFTERSHOCKS will launch, and we are thrilled that George RR Martin has said the following about this title: Kloos has launched a new series that promises to be just as engrossing.  New characters, new worlds, new conflicts, but the writing is just as lean and clean and tight, the action just as exciting, the science just as solid, the tension just as high.   I gulped down the first book in a day, and I am already eager for the next one. Fortunately, Marko Kloos does not write as slowly as I do.


We’re excited about the following sales recently made by the agency:

We’ve licensed the two book Fantasy Romance series from G.A. Aiken to Recorded Booksfor audio.The series will launch with THE BLACKSMITH QUEEN in September from Kensington.

Kensington has bought three new titles from Madeline Baker, an Untitled Paranormal Vampire series.

PW has just announced the sale of LIBRARY’S MOST WANTED, by debut picture book author Carolyn Leiloglou to Pelican Publishing for publication in Spring 2020.

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