Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on November 23, 2016


The big news around here is DENNIS E. TAYLOR and his phenomenally successful book WE ARE LEGION (WE ARE BOB). It’s an Audible bestseller and has been since it was published. We published the ebook edition and we are selling more than 100 books per day. This wonderful book has almost 200 positive reviews on Amazon. It’s a great story and I urge anyone who loves SF or popular fiction to pick it up. You’ll be in good company. The next two books in the series are coming in March 2017 and June 2017 so we’ll be pleasing his ‘legions’ of fans very soon.

The other big news is that even as we speak, so to speak, JOHN SCALZI’S THE COLLAPSING EMPIRE is being worked on by copyeditors and proofreaders. It’s a tremendous book and John has originated a vast new world in scope and depth as wonderful as the world of the OLD MAN’S WAR books. COLLAPSING EMPIRE is coming in March from Tor. We’ve already sold German and Hungarian rights and I’m sure that’s just the beginning.

In other news for John his audio original THE DISPATCHER has broken the 100,000 unit barrier for Audible.

For Ian Douglas, we’ve option his HERITAGE series to a movie production company.

We’ve licensed two new novellas to on behalf of MELISSA F. OLSON.

On behalf of SHELLY LAURENSTON we’ve sold a wonderful new series to Kensington called THE HONEY BADGERS. We’ve also sold her entire backlist for audio.

For Caroline Fardig we’ve licensed all her Java Jive books to Tantor for Audio publication.

We’ve sold an additional book for CANDACE FLEMING in her forthcoming from Random House ‘Past Blasters’ series, which debuts this coming May.

In our Agent Support Publishing arm beyond the success of WE ARE LEGION we are happy to announce we’ll be publishing a new book by JASON MANNING, whose extensive backlist has sold so well.

Enjoy the holidays, we’ll have more news soon. Thank you.

Ethan Ellenberg

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