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We’re excited to report publication of the first two original titles under our Agent Support Publishing program.


We launched with DARK DIGITAL SKY by Carac Allison.  This dark suspense novel  has already garnered 66 Amazon reviews and they are overwhelmingly positive.  We couldn’t be prouder of an author we think is at the very top of this genre’s storytellers.  A book description follows below:


LA Private Investigator Chalk is hired to find three adult sons a Hollywood mogul fathered through a sperm bank many years before. United, the three half brothers discover they share a desire to be warriors. They plan a heist to prove they are worthy of enlisting with a paramilitary leader who has taken both a name and a mad inspiration from Kubrick’s dark satire Dr. Strangelove. General Ripper’s forces begin by robbing pharmaceutical warehouses and then mailing the stolen prescription drugs to America’s veterans. They escalate to kidnapping video game designers and broadcasting their deaths. The ensuing chaos builds toward a culminating drone attack that will forever prove Ripper’s warning that graphics have made warriors terrorists.

Chalk, the book’s main character, is an ex-FBI agent whose specializations are cults and computer forensics. The tools of his trade as a PI are a Porsche 911, an unregistered Glock, modified cellphones, radios, and an eclectic collection of computers. He suffers from bipolar disorder, lives alone and hopes to one day be able to see his son without the constraints placed on him by the courts.


Our next title is a major Science Fiction novel by a debut author, JAMES HIDER, CRONIX.   If you are looking for a brilliant new voice in the genre who tells a big story that will challenge and entertain you,  CRONIX is it.  A description follows below:


Recreational suicide bombings and revelers in fancy dress throwing themselves from the top of the Empire State Building: when scientists break the final frontier of Death and find a way for the soul to live forever, humanity leaves Earth with a bang, bound for a man-made paradise. On the Orbiters, supercomputers riding beyond the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, these Eternals live out their wildest dreams or build fantastic idylls, free at last from the tyranny of Evolution.


Back on Earth, however, the man known to history simply as the Missing Link is hiding out in the woods. Luis Oriente was the product of a brutal but successful experiment to capture a human mind and synthesize it into ultra-human form. Not quite mortal, and fearful of heaven, Oriente has spent centuries fleeing his past, living a quiet life in the woods, far from prying eyes.


But when a giant wolf disrupts the rhythm of the forest to deliver a cryptic message, Oriente is dragged back into the turbulent currents of the history he has tried so hard to forget. Something is rotten in paradise, and Evolution is not quite done with humanity yet.


In other news we are very happy to announce that two agency clients have made the BEST BOOKS OF 2014 LIST FROM PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY.


James Cambias’s  A DARKLING SEA is one of only 6 SF/Fantasy Books honored and Candace Fleming’s THE FAMILY ROMANOV has been honored on the YA non-fiction list.

We’re celebrating a number of new sales below:


MARYJANICE DAVIDSON—the ‘UNDEAD’ series concludes with books 14 and 15.

JOHN SCALZI-we’ve licensed movie/t.v. rights to LEGENDARY PICTURES for LOCK IN.

We’ve sold APEX to Avon Impulse for new client AER-KI JYR.

Mel Odom’s first book in his new military SF series, MASTER SERGEANT: THE MAKAUM WAR, is a Main Selection of the Science Fiction Book Club,

We’ve sold 3 more books in her GARGOYLE series to St. Martin’s for CHRISTINE WARREN.

We’ve sold 3 more books on behalf of LINDSAY MCKENNA to Harlequin/HQN.

EVAN GREGORY in our office has sold a 3 book Fantasy series to Tor on behalf of new fiction author MICHAEL LIVINGSTON.


I hope you will read DARK DIGITAL SKY by Carac Allison and CRONIX by James Hider, they are special books and debuts for two wonderfully talented writers.


Ethan Ellenberg





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