Agency News October 2019

Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on September 24, 2019

John Scalzi has licensed new work to Netflix’s LOVE DEATH AND ROBOTS. He also has a new collection of short work, A VERY SCALZI CHRISTMAS coming out this December from Subterranean Press and Audible. 

James Cambias has sold a new SF novel to Baen, THE GODEL OPERATION: A STORY OF THE BILLION WORLDS, set in a new univers. 

Ian Douglas will launch a new series titled SOLAR WARDEN with Harper Voyager. It lanches  with ALIEN SECRETS coming out April 1st, 2020. Check out the cover online.

 Mel Odom’s THE MAKAUM WAR series will conclude (for now) with WARLORD, from Harper Voyager in January. 

Ed Willet’s WORLDSHAPERS series will continue, we’ve sold a third book to Daw.

Our own publishing arm has just released Sharon Shinn’s ONYX trilogy, ECHO IN ONYX, ECHO IN EMERALD and ECHO IN AMETHYST.

We’ve also published PIGS, a top new crime novel from Daniel James.

Strong sales have greeted G A AIKEN’S new SCARRED EARTH SERIES with THE BLACKSMITH QUEEN hitting #73 on USA TODAY and landing a coveted spot on Amazon’s Best SF and Fantasy for the month of September.  We’ve licensed two titles in Germany. We’ve also sold a new series to Kensington, THE BLACK MALONES.

MaryJanice Davidson’s new paranormal romance series will launch in February 2020 with Sourcebooks, look for BEARS BEHAVING BADLY.  It’s also coming from Recorded Books.

Margot Hunt will have a new book for the growing audience for her exceptional suspense novels, THE LAST AFFAIR is coming from Harper in November.  She has also sold an original novella to Audible BURIED DEEP, a single seating listen that will stay with you.

We’ve sold a superb work of military history to Casemate on behalf of new client John Falcon, THE FREEDOM SHIELD.  If you want to a front seat to the helicopter war in Vietnam, this is it. John flew 500 missions in the conflict.

More non-fiction from another new client, we’ve sold DIFFICULT to Rowman and Littlefield on behalf of Dr. Judy Smith.  This is a key book for parents helping older struggling children.

In the children’s department we’ve licensed a new title on behalf of the award winning duo of Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann, MINE to Schwartz and Wade.

FATAL THRONE is coming in trade paperback in February 2020, check out the spectacular cover.

If truly magnificent storytelling and artwork appeal to you Fleming and Rohmann’s Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera will be published in February 2020 from Neal Porter Books.

THE BODY UNDER THE PIANO is coming from Marthe Jocelyn via Tundra, and we’ve got a television series option in hand.  This is the first book in the AGGIE MORTON MYSTERY QUEEN series.

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