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Agency News October 2017

Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on October 3, 2017


With the publication of ALL THESE WORLDS in August, Dennis E. Taylor’s ‘Bobiverse’ trilogy is now complete with spectacular results. ALL THESE WORLDS hit #1 in the entire Audible store shortly after release and all 3 books, WE ARE LEGION (WE ARE BOB), FOR WE ARE MANY, and ALL THESE WORLDS continue to be Audible bestsellers.

We’re also seeing great results for the Bobiverse in our agent-supported publishing arm with the trilogy selling over 80,000 copies in ebook.

Likewise the Bobiverse is turning into an international hit and we’ve now sold rights for Japan, France, Germany, China, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

For IAN DOUGLAS we’ve licensed a new three-book series to HarperCollins, SOLAR WARDEN.

For Kay Kenyon we’ve sold audio rights to her new series with Saga, AT THE TABLE OF WOLVES (July 2017) and SERPENT IN THE HEATHER (April, 2018) to Audible.

For GAIL Z. MARTIN we’ve just licensed an audio original, the third volume of DEADLY CURIOSITIES, to Recorded Books.

For new author MARC COSTANZO we’ve licensed his great UNTITLED suspense novel starring Patrol Office Celia Miller to Audible.

For SHELLY LAURENSTON we’ve licensed her new 3 book HONEY BADGER CHRONICLES series to Tantor for audio. The first book HOT AND BADGERED will be published March 2018 with Kensington.

We’ve licensed T.V. rights to MaryJanice Davidson’s DÉJÀ VU to

For Candace Fleming we’ve licensed the second volume in her History Pals series, ELEANOR ROOSEVELT’S IN MY CLOSET to Schwartz and Wade. The first book BEN FRANKLIN’S IN THE MY BATHROOM debuted September 2017.

We continue to license translation rights for RIPTIDE PUBLISHING and have concluded new deals in Italy, France, Germany and Brazil.


Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on May 3, 2017

MAY 2017

Well it continues to rain Bobs around here…The second book in the DENNIS E. TAYLOR’S ‘Bobiverse’ trilogy, FOR WE ARE MANY, is just out from Audible in audio and our publishing arm, Agent-Supported Publishing in ebook and we couldn’t be happier. FOR WE ARE MANY was the #1 book in the entire store for the week of April 21st, with WE ARE LEGION (the first book of the trilogy) not far behind in slot #9. Just this past week WE ARE LEGION surpassed 100,000 copies sold on Audible and this is just during the first 7 months or so of publication. Wow.

We’ve also sold rights to the trilogy in: Germany, Japan, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. The trilogy concludes (for now) in August with the publication of book #3, ALL THESE WORLDS.

In other news JOHN SCALZI’S THE COLLAPSING EMPIRE is just out and selling fabulously with an appearance on Publishers Weekly Hardcover Bestseller list at #17. WORKING TITLE TELEVISION has optioned the T.V. rights. In fact, ‘Hollywood’ can’t seem to get enough of John and we currently have under option OLD MAN’S WAR, THE DISPATCHER, REDSHIRTS and LOCK IN. Somebody please make something now…

Some recent sales:
CUBS IN THE NURSERY by Candace Fleming to Neal Porter Books
SAVOR STATION by Ferrett Steinmetz to Tor Books by agent Evan Gregory
TWILIGHT DESIRES and UNTITLED by Madeline Baker to Kensington Books
GODSERFS by N.S. Dolkart to Angry Robot by agent Evan Gregory
SUPERNATURAL PSYCHOLOGY by Travis Langley to Sterling Publishing by agent Evan Gregory
JAVA JIVE #5 and a new series Book #1 by Caroline Fardig

Summer is just about here, a good time to catch up on your reading…


Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on November 23, 2016


The big news around here is DENNIS E. TAYLOR and his phenomenally successful book WE ARE LEGION (WE ARE BOB). It’s an Audible bestseller and has been since it was published. We published the ebook edition and we are selling more than 100 books per day. This wonderful book has almost 200 positive reviews on Amazon. It’s a great story and I urge anyone who loves SF or popular fiction to pick it up. You’ll be in good company. The next two books in the series are coming in March 2017 and June 2017 so we’ll be pleasing his ‘legions’ of fans very soon.

The other big news is that even as we speak, so to speak, JOHN SCALZI’S THE COLLAPSING EMPIRE is being worked on by copyeditors and proofreaders. It’s a tremendous book and John has originated a vast new world in scope and depth as wonderful as the world of the OLD MAN’S WAR books. COLLAPSING EMPIRE is coming in March from Tor. We’ve already sold German and Hungarian rights and I’m sure that’s just the beginning.

In other news for John his audio original THE DISPATCHER has broken the 100,000 unit barrier for Audible.

For Ian Douglas, we’ve option his HERITAGE series to a movie production company.

We’ve licensed two new novellas to on behalf of MELISSA F. OLSON.

On behalf of SHELLY LAURENSTON we’ve sold a wonderful new series to Kensington called THE HONEY BADGERS. We’ve also sold her entire backlist for audio.

For Caroline Fardig we’ve licensed all her Java Jive books to Tantor for Audio publication.

We’ve sold an additional book for CANDACE FLEMING in her forthcoming from Random House ‘Past Blasters’ series, which debuts this coming May.

In our Agent Support Publishing arm beyond the success of WE ARE LEGION we are happy to announce we’ll be publishing a new book by JASON MANNING, whose extensive backlist has sold so well.

Enjoy the holidays, we’ll have more news soon. Thank you.

Ethan Ellenberg


Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on August 16, 2016


After some spirited bidding among three houses, we’ve sold BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by the pseudonymous Margot Hunt in a two book deal to Mira. We couldn’t be more excited about this brilliantly written and conceived book of psychological suspense which Mira will publish as a hardcover lead in 2017.

On behalf of Edward Willett we’ve sold his new fantasy series WORLDSHAPERS to Daw Books.

On behalf of new client Melissa F. Olson we are completing a new deal with 47North for an additional two books in her ‘Old World’ Series. We’re also marketing the the sequel to her self published mystery THE BIG KEEP which I strongly recommend to any fan of Kinsey Millhone or Stephanie Plum.

On behalf of Jay Allan, we’ve sold the FLAMES OF REBELLION space opera trilogy to Harper Voyager.

Christopher Nuttall will be continuing his ANGEL IN THE WHIRLWIND series with 47North with two new installments, and has promised 47North the first book in an as yet unnamed series.

On behalf of Lightspeed Magazine Managing Editor Wendy Wagner, we’ve sold her debut novel AN OATH OF DOGS to Angry Robot.

On behalf of Travis Langley, we’ve sold a new installment in his popular pop-psychology books, this time about Wonder Woman, to Sterling.

We’ve also been busy with a number of backlists. On behalf of Sharon Shinn we’ve licensed almost her entire backlist to Orion. It will be great to see these books available as ebooks throughout the UK and the BC countries.

We’ve also done a fair amount of new work for the Andre Norton Estate. In Germany we’ve agreed on terms to license 15 of Andre’s books to Apex Verlag. This will be the first major re-publication of Andre in Germany in at least a quarter century. We’ve also licensed WITCH WORLD in China. With the WITCH WORLD movie in active development as a joint Chinese/American project we are very hopeful this will turn into something big.

Audible will publish WE ARE LEGION (WE ARE BOB) by Dennis E. Taylor and we will be publishing the book as an ebook original in our ASP program.

In the romance area we’ve made a number of sales for Leah Marie Brown—an additional book in her ‘It Girls’ series to Kensington, a new three book series with a Fairy Tale theme and she’s going be adding novella to a new Fern Michael’s anthology.

We’ve sold a number of backlist titles on behalf of G.A. Aiken to Tantor for audio publication, including her first four ‘Dragon’ Books.


Posted by Ethan Ellenberg on April 13, 2016

Congratulations to JOHN SCALZI on being named one of the new L.A. TIMES CRITICS-AT-LARGE.  I recommend you acquaint yourself with all 12 of the new critics.

Congratulations to SHELLY LAURENSTON on her new book THE UNDOING which just hit #56 on USA TODAY.

Another piece of great USA TODAY BESTSELLER NEWS, Caroline Fardig’s DEATH BEFOFE DECAF book one in her Java Jive series hit the list at #106.

For our ASP program we are excited to having just published CURSES by Cindy Spencer Pape.

We’ve sold 2 books on behalf of Kay Kenyon to Saga Press (S&S): AT THE TABLE OF WOLVES and its sequel,  SERPENT IN THE HEATHER.

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