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I’m in the business because I love books.

Storytelling is a great calling and we are here to provide professional representation for storytellers, of both fiction and nonfiction. Since many people from many different backgrounds write, it’s difficult for me to deliver a message that will speak to everyone. However, here is what I want you to know about my literary agency:

We only take clients we truly believe in. We take our work very seriously and perform our duties to the highest standards. No matter what you’ve heard, this business is open to new talent. We are open to new talent.

We receive thousands of new contacts every year, so the overwhelming majority of people who do approach us find we cannot work with them. In many of these cases, we use a form letter rejection card out of necessity. It’s regrettable, and we apologize for having to do so, but our time and energy must be put to the service of our clients and we cannot afford to respond personally to every query.

This site is not only a pathway to approaching us. It will also provide information about and recent news from our agency, as well as some of my professional writing on publishing. I hope that you find this site helpful.

Feel free to submit your work (following our guidelines.) If the past is any guide, some of you will end up working with us.


Ethan Ellenberg

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